Glow Staff Picks – Top 16

Our top picks for total body health, sustained energy and radiant well-being.

  1. MAX B For keeping your energy, liver and adrenal function, hormone balance and brain power up – this is our top pick all in one supplement. If it sounds too good to be true – that’s because it is and you’ll feel the difference. The only live source vegan supplement on the market, the Max B includes B-12. Recommended during times of stress, pregnancy, postpartum, and whenever an extra boost is needed. Like no other B vitamin you will ever try.
  2. C& F spray Our top immune supplement for cold and flu season. Take 3 sprays 3x/day or more for adults at the very start of a cold or flu and it tends to dead stop the illness. Dosage for children 1-2 sprays 3x/day.
  3. POWER SMOOTHIE If you are running in Glow and need a quick energy boost, or nutritious recovery drink post-workout our hands down pick is the power smoothie with protein powder add-in. Packing over 20g of protein with protein powder, maca, goji berries, homemade hemp milk, fresh kale, banana and vitamineral green.
  4. DO MATCHA Cast away the coffee cup – Do Matcha is loaded with fiber, anti-cancer properties, and others. A high quality green tea leaf, Matcha tea gives a nice boost to your morning without the kidney and adrenal stress that coffee does, and without the mid afternoon crash.
  5. LOVE FORCE KALE CHIPS “American flavor”, try these and you’ll never look back. Sure to satisfy any chip craving out there – load your snack food with power packed minerals, crunch and flavor.
  6. MEDI BODY BATH Rejuvenate sore muscles, stress, and detoxify gently with a sea salt mineralizing bath with 1 cup Medi Body Bath in the tub. Amp it up by adding in Elizabeth Van Buren essential oils in lavender or “calm”. The Medi Body Bath is will complement any detoxifying protocol, and is also mineralizing for sore muscles and inflammation.
  7. SUNSPECTRUM This supplement is a “prebiotic” and a must for intestinal healing. In addition to that it is infused with resveratrol, curcumin, and CoQ-10.
  8. CHOCOLATE This is a tough one and a three way tie between our super energizing Glow chocolate bar – earthy and unsweet, pure raw cacao made with heirloom organic cacao beans (great pre-ski or workout), Coracao’s RAWMOND or CARAMEL chocolate bars, and finally the CORACAO truffles. We decided not to make our own after discovering these – available in espresso, hazelnut mousse, peppermint patty, fudge, and raspberry. Perfection, all of the above.
  9. MACA Adding 1 tsp – 1 TBSP in your morning smoothie keeps energy levels high, delivers highly mineralized nutrition to your system, supports adrenals and a healthy male and female hormone balance. In rare cases, it can feel stimulating, but it is not a stimulant, it is a root that is balancing and energizing.
  10. PROTEINXYM protein powder If you’re looking for a protein powder, this is the best we’ve found. A blend of plant based proteins, 17 g of protein per scoop, along with fiber, minerals, and vitamins, it also is enzyme infused which supports digestion and clears inflammation.
  11. TRUFFLES Made in California these truffles don’t get any better for a quick energy pick me up. Warning: highly addictive.
  12. UNSCENTED LOTION This MSM lotion is perfect for anything from after shower skin moisturizing to pure and soft baby skin. MSM is a healing nutrient for skin in general.
  13. VITAMINERAL GREEN Another top smoothie pick this is found in our power smoothie. This blend is packed with everything from medicinal mushrooms to greens and probiotics. ½-3 TBSP/day.
  14. GREEN JUICE The top pick for hydrating and mineralizing the system, run in and grab a cold pressed green juice to facilitate energy, stamina, hydration and weight loss. Great during pregnancy, when dehydrated, or in general needing a boost.
  15. KALE SALAD An all in one meal – who can get enough kale? Ours is the best out there – our top secret hemp seed dulse dressing is the perfect blend with warm quinoa, kale, tomatoes, a few olives and a sprinkle of dulse. The best!
  16. CASTOR OIL For everything from hormone imbalance to sore muscles, saturate a cotton flannel with this super pure castor oil, and ease muscular aches and pains, use a warm pack over the lower abdomen to balance hormones and ease menstrual cramps.