“Molly has also helped cure my severe acid reflux condition, which stems from GERD and a hiatal hernia. I no longer take the daily medication prescribed to relieve the discomfort. I’m currently pain-free. What a relief! And my energy level seems to have increased three-fold! Honestly, I’ve never felt so healthy and energized.”

I did an adrenal protocol with Molly and it worked, and it worked quickly. I started to feel better in two weeks which is much faster than I had expected. My adrenal fatigue symptoms did not return, now four years later. It was an easy protocol, with maximum results. —D.F.

I’ve always had an interest in nutrition. At our first assessment Molly discussed my options for allergy relief. About 18 months into my protocol of supplementation and liver support/cleansing, I woke up one morning and could breathe through my nose! The rash and sneezing had subsided and I was on a new path in life. I’m living proof on how Molly’s skill in her programs will lead you to a healthy, happy life. —J.D.

When I first began working with Molly I had just completed four months of chemo from breast cancer, 6 weeks of radiation, and a year of Herceptin. I was living in fear of cancer, confused from all my treatments, and feeling awful. My energy was so low, I had migraines constantly, needed to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, intense brain fog and confusion, and toenail fungus. I wasn’t able to stand on my feet for more than four hours. I would literally go home and go to bed after working a four hour shift.
    It seemed very quickly I was able to work more hours after my first intake session with Molly in which she listened to my full health history, cancer history, chemo, etc. She kinesiologically tested me, created a simple supplement routine, and started me on my way to recovery and healing. I began my protocol and began feeling a lot better. A year later I never have migraines, my hormones feel regular, my energy is higher than it’s ever been, and I have energy to workout. The toenail fungus is completely gone. The mud packing, supplement and lifestyle changes, and Molly, are like magic.
    I had seen many specialists during my four months of chemo. I did a lot of acupuncture and massage and I saw a naturopathic doctor in Boise. None of these things brought the change and lasting results I found working with the solutions Molly gave me. The results that I found with Molly and her muscle testing system was greater than anything I had experienced over the past year. It means a lot when someone can tell you exactly how to heal your body. ~J.C

It is empowering to have a practitioner that you trust. Trust promotes healing; emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Trust is key to feeling a sense of safety and well being. I experienced this while being treated for breast cancer at the Paracelsus Klinic, a biological institute. Like the Paracelsus Klinic, Molly’s work guides one to look at the whole body. She provides a sense of confidence and support through her protocol of supplements, PEMF therapy and diet. Working with Molly post cancer has enriched me with an inner resource of safety and self-empowerment. I am grateful for her on going dedication and support for the community and all those in need. ~ P.C.

When I first began working with Molly, I was in constant discomfort: I was exhausted, my joints ached, my muscles fatigued with minimal activity, and my body always felt swollen. All this and more, and I was only in my twenties. Through the course of one year, I have seen large amounts of cystic tissue disappear from my body, my strength has improved, my muscles get mildly sore after strenuous activity, and my joints don’t suffer injury on a regular basis. I can digest foods better, have improved muscle tonus and skin quality, and have obtained a mental clarity I had been lacking for years. I credit all of this to the work I’ve done with Molly. I have restructured my eating habits to return to a plant-based diet, followed her concise protocols, and utilized the PEMF treatments on a regular basis. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for her unique and broad spectrum approach to health. I feel like a whole person again! —S.S.

When I first worked with Molly I had chronic tension in my wrists, from breaks several years ago. With her guidance, followed by mudpack therapy, this tension cleared completely after just one session. Thank you Molly for bringing your gifts to our community. —P.B.

Thank you Molly for all your help and support, another free pain day!!!!! I am so thankful to you to myself to make this possible, I feel great about it. I feel great and appreciate all your help. I relish my new life style, juicing, smoothies.
Thank you —M.R.

Prior to receiving PEMF treatment I had a small fracture in my hand, specifically on my “hook of hamate” bone. An injury common with hockey players, baseball players, and even tennis players. Causes extreme pain when pressure is applied to that area and prevented me to have full function grip strength. The condition was painful and did not seem to heal on it’s own.
    After receiving about 5-10 PEMF treatments this summer, the bone in my hand has completely healed. Grip strength is back, and when pressure is applied to that area I no longer feel a shooting or dull pain. —P.W.

I have completed two Glow cleanses and I look forward to many more. A cleanse is a reminder that in order to maintain quality health you have to be proactive. It is easy with the Glow cleanse because the food is delicious, nourishing and it leaves you feeling satisfied, after each cleanse I feel clear, light and vibrant. Like Michel Pollan says, “Dont’ eat anything your great-great-great grandmother would not recognize as food.” Glow food is real and alive. How could any grandma object to that!
Your humble student, Paula

When my baby was born she had such beautiful soft skin. After beginning to eat solid food, she developed eczema. Molly worked with a few simple techniques, her eczema was gone in a day. We also found a dairy allergy and have permanently cut that out of her diet.

I met Molly about four years ago. At my first appointment with her I felt her confidence and her ability to process my issues and come up with how best to treat me.
    I seemed to get very sick every winter with flu, and bronchitis and my fatigue would last most of the year off and on. Since I live in Boise, I would come to Ketchum to see Molly and get her advice and I also did a few of her cleanses. Slowly, with diligence, I began to get stronger realizing that I had gotten through several winters without any sicknesses. My stamina has increased and now I am able to continue to work even deeper addressing any imbalances. I have been impressed with Molly’s professional approach. We often need to communicate via email since I live in Boise and Molly is quick to always get back to me usually with in that day or at least by the next day. I also have been very impressed with how my body has responded to the PEMF treatment. I had hip pain that was pretty much chronic and my body responded in two treatments and surprisingly that pain has not returned. Some issues have taken a little longer but I am sold on the PEMF treatment.
    I have felt very blessed to have Molly guide me through my issues to a healthier me.

In the winter of 2015 I developed some spongy instability in my left knee after a fall skate skiing. Both my knees have had patella femoral disorder where the patella does not track correctly in the femoral groove. I had prolo therapy and PT, without resolution. After ten half hour sessions of PEMF, (after each session I felt improvement and more stability) I was back on track and able to do yoga, run , hike and bike. My knees are strong and stable and the results have held now for over a year. ~K.M.

Years after dietary changes, supplementation, regular fasting and cleansing, I still suffered from chronic neck pain, inflammation, and brain fog. Molly found that I had a Lyme infection causing these symptoms. After about 4 months of an efficient and effective protocol for Lyme treatment, my neck pain is gone, my nervous system is calm, and I am functioning in a clear, focused way. Thank you so much.

When I first found out that I was pregnant I was intimidated by everything that I did not know, and browsing the internet for information on nutrition brought about conflicting and confusing results. After a few consultations with Molly I learned about the nutrients that my body needed and that would be beneficial for the baby. Finding some foods unappetizing during pregnancy, I discovered the Green Juice drinks at Glow which are delicious and extremely nutritious for the baby and me. The combination of the supplements and green drinks have made me feel amazing and I have not experienced many of the complaints that other pregnant woman have expressed. I am confident that Molly’s expertise has played a large role in my healthy pregnancy.

Twenty-five years ago after the birth of my daughter, I was prescribed Synthroid to suppress the growth of a goiter in my thyroid, and have had to remain on the drug ever since. Thanks to Molly and thyroid protocol, I no longer need Synthroid to regulate my thyroid properly, and my thyroid panel blood work-up has been normal for 8 years now. Yeah!!!

Molly’s expertise and guidance has been extremely important to me in my weight loss journey.
I was extremely overweight along with many aches and pains. She has guided me through mud packs, consultations, PEMF, several cleanses along with establishing healthy eating habits.
    She has impacted many aspects of my life and I can’t thank her enough for her caring manner and expertise. I am successfully leading a healthier, happier life (with a 100 pounds less of me) and look forward to continuing my journey with Molly”. S.S – Hailey, Idaho

For about 8 years, I had open wounds on my legs that would not heal due to poor circulation. They were constantly getting infected. When Molly started using PEMF therapy, after 10 sessions the wounds were fully healed. After each session, we took photos and saw visible results, first with a small layer of skin, then full healing with minimal discoloration. These results were lasting, and they are still healed up one year later. The PEMF therapy creates permanent healing and lasting change.